Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Hello Community

Behind the Horizon is now entering its second round with version 2.0. This major update, which also serves as preparation for the AddOn - The Desert, improves and expands many aspects of the game.
The biggest visible change is the new user interface, which has now been fully integrated into the quick bar and is more comfortable and consistent than before.

In addition, there are many changes to the balance in prizes, the combat system and the characteristics of plants and animals.

The nature simulation has also been enriched with small details.

The starting map has been improved in many areas and further embellished.

The lists of traders are now completely sorted by type and make shopping much more comfortable.

Some small bugs that occurred during the time have also been fixed.

The quest display now also has a progress bar for many quests, with which you can see how far you have completed the quest.

The complete long list of all changes and enhancements can be in the patch notes for version 2.0.