Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


NPCs now also hoe diseased or dead plants on their beds.
NPCs now no longer sow plants on their beds when it snows.
NPCs now also remove tree stumps on their beds.
When planting plants and trees that you have already read about, a more detailed description is now given if the current planting conditions are not suitable.

Repeatable quests for additional pets can now be found in the "Notes" section to keep the main and side quest sections clearer.

All stables which are newly built now no longer have front walls, as these always hindered the animals going in and out.


When moving the frames in the quickbar, it could happen that during the execution of an animation, the frame could be moved or an item could be replaced, triggering unwanted events. This has been fixed.

Lava plants could no longer be grown on lava and would die on them after germination. This has been fixed.

Lights in the caves sometimes did not give light even though they were burning. This has been fixed.



Description of sickle, harvest basket and ladder completed!
Tips for the AddOn were added.