Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Behind the Horizon..


- Behind the Horizon is an epic role-playing game with well over 50 hours of gameplay and a long, mystical story in five chapters.

- Immerse yourself in a living, ever-changing world.

- Experience a detailed, realistic farm simulation that comprehensively simulates the climate and living flora and fauna.

- Explore expansive hand-designed caves and catacombs filled with traps and monsters.

- Learn new skills and how to use different types of weapons. The inhabitants of this lively world will be happy to help you.

- Discover a complex magic system, with spells that will quickly become indispensable in battle as well as in nature and on your farm.

- Master crafting, alchemy and cooking to make your life easier and expand your farm.

- The world is home to many friendly inhabitants who go about their daily business throughout the year and with whom you can talk. They will share their lives with you.



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