Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


In this update, 2 alternative farms and starting areas and the survival mode are added to the game.

All three farms play differently and offer a new gaming experience. Ideal for a second or third playthrough. Details below!

Survival mode can be added and changes the gameplay even more. It can only be selected at the start of the game and only works in connection with the "Volcano Farm". This mode is intended for experienced players and is full of challenges. It should be chosen with care.

Patch notes V3.3


When starting a new game, you can now choose one of three starting areas.

All three play very differently and invite you to play Behind the Horizon again. The areas cover the entire area around the farm. The following options are available:

- The Standard Farm:
The standard farm offers a balanced landscape with lots of good farmland and enough woodland and water. There are large areas available for stables and pastures. This farm is ideal for a cosy, not too difficult game.

- The river and woodland farm:
Here the farmland is divided by rivers. Bridges lead to the various islands. There are fewer large areas, but more forest and water. The land is more varied overall, but the planning of the farm requires more care and there is less space. There are some fertile areas where plants grow right at the beginning of the farm that can be harvested and there are also many fruit trees in the forests. An interesting alternative to the standard farm.

- The Volcano Farm:
The Volcano Farm is dominated by rocky areas. There are two dormant volcanoes to the north and south. There is less space and less fertile soil. To compensate, there are more ore and stone deposits. This farm is a real challenge, especially at the beginning, as it prevents rapid growth because the soil has to be upgraded first. A good choice for a second, more challenging game.

- The survival mode:
Survival mode can be activated in conjunction with the Volcano Farm. There are numerous gameplay changes that greatly alter the game. In survival mode, Behind the Horizon plays like a survival game, especially in the first few years. This should provide a great challenge even for experienced players.

A list of all gameplay changes in survival mode:
1) Inhospitable conditions, poorer soil around the farm and two active volcanoes in the north and south
2) the plantable area on the farm will grow more slowly than usual
3) permanent energy and life essence boni are only half as large
4) using tools and weapons costs more energy
5) Monster portals can control more monsters at the same time
6) Monsters have increased vision
7) The volcanoes on the farm erupt at irregular intervals and spew lava flows or rocks
8) Storms such as floods, droughts, hail, thunderstorms, etc. cause more changes in the world
9) Positive weather events are less frequent or weaker
10) Buying and selling prices at all traders are increased
11) When harvesting, the player does not get any seeds back
12) There are fewer quarries in the world
13) Extreme weather events can occur immediately after starting the game
14) Trees from the player are just as affected by hail and lightning as wild trees
15) Locust and vole infestations occur more frequently
16) There are more locusts and voles in a plague
In addition to the new starting areas, the old farm has also been improved in many places.

In the "Start new game" menu you can now also select the difficulty of the battles. This can still be changed in the settings menu during the game.

The cutscene when you first enter the farm has been redesigned to fit all three farms.

An error in a quest description in an early quest has been corrected.



New section: Update V3.xx: All changes to the game after the release of the 2nd DLC, the Sky Fortress, are summarised here.

Updated the manual to the latest version



When starting a new game, the temperature and light values of the last few days were not set correctly. This has been fixed.