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Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



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There is a widget from Steam on the startpage where you will be redirected directly to my shoppage at steam.
There is a small tutorial at the beginning of the game. However, there are so many aspects of the game and many new mechanics that it makes sense to at least read the Quick Start Guide (in game F1). Alternatively, you can watch the tutorial videos of your choice (in the video section).
The easiest way is to look in the community section of Behind the Horizon on Steam and if you don't find a solution there, write a post. I or other players will answer you as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, the Steam client only creates a desktop icon for the English version. Solutions: 1) Either start the game in your Steam library, because then you get a selection menu. 2) Start the .exe - file directly in the SteamApps/Common/BehindTheHorizon folder.
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