Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


The possibility to jump has been added to the game. You can jump over fences, small rivers, lava streams or shallow ponds. If the jumping power is not sufficient, you will be moved back to the place where you started. You cannot jump from terrain fields such as swamps or lava.

By default, the space bar or the controller button X (standard assignment) is used for jumping. This changes the standard assignment of the keys and buttons and will be reset at the first start. Of course, everyone can then create their own configuration as usual.

Since the spell Connect Spirit was rarely used in its general function, I have made the possibility of displaying an overview of lack conditions of plants and trees more accessible. If you now press the CTRL/Control key to display the soil and animal names, symbols are displayed for everything you have planted yourself after releasing the key.

The shape of the symbol stands for the ground cover, farm plant and tree and the colour indicates the problem. You can get more information by using the skill Feel Plants.
It is important to know that the lack condition refers to the current values. However, light and heat add up to a daily average, which in the end determines whether a plant can grow or will die. So it may be that, for example, a tomato plant shows a lack of heat, but this is remedied after the rain shower is over and the sun shines again. I hope this overview will make it easier for many to understand the system of nature simulation and to use it accordingly.

The houses in the oasis now also have house signs that show who lives in them.
Injured trees that have been planted by the player now also have a life bar that shows the degree of their injury. Trees can be healed with the Heal spell, or slowly recover on their own.

When visiting magic shrines and other places in the game, a progress bar has been added so that on slow systems you don't get the impression that the game has crashed during the time jump.

At certain dangerous points in the game, the game now automatically saves. The quick save space is used for this purpose. This function is activated every time a new game is started.

The transparency of speech bubbles has been reduced to increase readability.

The hitbox of monsters was enlarged to the whole sprite. This makes it much easier to hit monsters, especially when using the controller.

A chest with a key has been added in the cave near the Wood Home teleporter, as many players had a hard time finding the key after the fight at the portal.

When building ground crystals, the colour of the area now tells you what is being increased on the fields.

Hugo now extends his forays into Wood Home by using the teleporter.

All the inhabitants of the world now move diagonally at mathematically correct speed. This is unusual at first, but it simply makes more sense this way !

All texts in the speech bubble of the plants are now more contrasty and easier to read.
The fruits of the cocoa tree are now easier to see.

Added a quest series to get the jump boost skill. Start of the quest series is at Jacques after learning level 1 (acquire the spell from the wizard Niall).

In the textures of the brown cave walls the exit has been made more visible.

Additions you asked for:

Trees, stumps and branches now have a damage bar that is displayed when the tree is injured and you have an axe selected as your tool.
Stone and ore veins now have a damage bar that is displayed when you have a pickaxe equipped as your tool.

The purpose is to see how long it will take to cut down the tree or mine the ore vein.

Dialogues and cutscenes

Many will be pleased to know that I have finally taken care of the spelling mistakes in the german dialogues and cutscenes. To do this, I had to write a programme that extracts the texts from the scripts and then inserts them again without producing any errors. This sounds simple at first, but due to the coding of texts (umlauts) it is quite complex and the strangest things happen. In any case, thanks to Open Office, these texts should now be almost error-free :-) ! The extracted texts can also be used well for translating into other languages. Unfortunately, neither my French nor my Spanish is good enough for that and I don't even want to start with Japanese or Chinese ;-) !


Fixed a bug that you couldn't complete Ben's death vine quest in the desert because the death vines grew over the mountains. The new starting map has been modified and the death vine spell now has a longer range, so this should not happen anymore.

It could happen that farm animals got stuck in each other. This has been fixed and the animals can now free themselves.

Fixed a bug where you could not talk to Liam in the dungeon in controller mode.

Fixed a bug where the rune in Liam's dungeon was not counted when picked up with the Telekinesis spell. This bug has also been corrected in save games.

Fixed some crates of stones from Tom had strayed onto the map and were removed!



All changes and new spells, items, etc... have been incorporated.