Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Seasonal events:

This update integrates the first four seasonal events into the game. I have greatly expanded the scripting language for cutscenes so that interaction within cutscenes is now possible.
The first 4 seasons events are 4 auctions that take place once per season, each with a different theme. Different items are offered in the auctions each year and I hope that you will have a lot of fun bidding skilfully in the auctions and getting good prices.
There will be more new events in future updates that make use of the new possibilities.


Patch Notes V3.2



- Introduction of the first 4 seasons events. Contact persons for the quests are Tiffany, Alfred, Marco and Nira. The new introductory quests are available early in the main game. Further information on auctions can be found in the in-game guide in the "Trade" section.

- Monster training portals in the Star Forge have been made even more indestructible.



- Fixed a rare bug that can occur in old savegames , causing Star Forge training portals to stop working.

- The English translation of some items from the DLC The Desert was mixed up and has been corrected.

- Minor errors with some German item names have been fixed.


Ingame Manual:

- Added section about auctions (Trade section).

- Added section about the new info window when placing plants (section Plants).

- Various explanations in the sections Clues and Plants and Nature simulation updated.