Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


With this update HintermHorizont finally gets achievements, stats and game cloud support. This means that your game saves are now automatically synchronised with the Steamcloud (if you have activated this in the Steam Client). I have also integrated the achievements and stats at the request of some players :-) !
Most of the achievements are updated when loading old game saves. This means that even players who have been playing for a long time will get most of their achievements unlocked. Unfortunately, there are also some achievements that cannot be unlocked afterwards because the game has simply not collected any data for them.
There are also some other exciting new features, which you can look up in the patch notes below.
Much of this is also aimed at porting Behind the Horizon to the Steam Deck. When this accomplished you will be able to play the game mobile on the Steam Deck.
In parallel, I'm continuing to work on the second add-on, which is now developing rapidly. Like its predecessor, it will be strongly story-based and tell the main story to the end. Of course, there are also a lot of new features for the game itself. I will publish the shop page for the DLC soon and then you can already get an idea of what the DLC will bring. If you want, you can also post your comments, ideas and wishes in the community area.



The keymap has been reset to the default values for this update. In addition, one button in the standard assignment of the controller has been swapped with another. This is for a function that we will certainly all enjoy, which will be integrated into the game with the second add-on. In addition, the control pad and left stick have been swapped.



When saving a game, the old saved file is renamed (xxxx.bak), to have a backup copy just in case. This way, if something goes wrong, you don't lose your last savefile completely. However, the backup copy can only be renamed manually in the Steamapps folder of the game to be able to load it again in the game (just change the extension to .sav).



Alternative way to feed and tame animals, give gifts and place items on hayracks, food bowls and the like. The game now finds out what can be done with the active item (brown frame in the quick bar) in relation to the field under the mouse pointer (or in the direction of view when playing with a controller). the mouse pointer then changes so that the player knows that he can now use the item with the right mouse button (or the corresponding button on the controller). For example, if the animal is already tamed or the hayrack is full, the mouse pointer changes back to the hand or talk symbol.
Since many found the old method of taking items out of the inventory and placing them on the animal cumbersome, I hope you like this alternative. All those who already know the other system well can continue to use it.

The display of the number of items in the inventory and trade menu has been greatly improved and should now be clear even on smaller screens.

The window for displaying monster stats in combat has been redesigned to improve readability.

All injured monsters now get a life bar and no longer need to be clicked on. In addition, the bar is adapted to the width of the monster sprite.

The standard assignment for the XBox controller has been adapted so that you no longer run with the control pad, but with the left stick. So the two have simply been exchanged. The reason for this is that several players have told me that they prefer to use the directional pad for the menus and that this is the way it is intended in most games.



The size of the textures of the rain and snow displayed now depends on the resolution. As a result, the rain is no longer as obtrusive at low resolutions.



Added all changes related to the UI.