Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



Hello Community,

The work on the DLC The Sky Fortress is now finished and I will use the rest of the time until the release at the beginning of September for extensive test play.

If you want to find out more, you can already take a look at the DLC shop page. There you will find a lot of details.


After finishing the DLC, and also because the triology of the main story is now completed, I have compiled some data about my game project. I think I shouldn't keep this from you. I'm sure it will be interesting for some of you to find out what Behind the Horizon is all about:

Development time (at the moment): about 7 years
Lines of code (C++): > 156000 - yes, that's really a lot ;-)

NPCs (all with their own seasonal daily routine and personal history): 74
monsters: 82
BossMonsters: 26
Animals: 18
Farm animals: 9
Pets: 6

Dialogue texts of the NPCs: 663535 characters (no I didn't count that myself ;-) ) - that's about 375 book pages

Script cutscenes: 250

Texts for cutscenes: 190562 characters or about 120 book pages

Quests in total: 614 - I didn't count the characters for quest texts

Equipment items in the game: 137
Plants (all with growth cycles): 61
Ground cover: 14
Tree species: 24
Soil types: 41

Books: 183 - again, I didn't have the character set counted, but there are a lot!

Teleporters: 20
Recipes(Food): 65
Plans(Building): 146
Formulas(Spells): 65

Spells: 65

Graphics: 1288 128pxx128px tiles
2801 64pxx64px tiles
- which of course must all have their own definition structure in the game.

Overlay backgrounds 7

Steam achievements: 100

So that's it ;-) ! Maybe this gives some of you an overview of how big an extensive RPG is. If I had known beforehand how big the game would be, I probably wouldn't have started it. But this way, passion and joy about what I have achieved have driven me on and on.