Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Magic in Behind the Horizon

Today I´ll tell you about magic in Behind the Horizon. Magic and its use is closely linked to the epic story of my game, and is used not only for killing monsters in the huge hand made caves, but for many other manipulations of the world. For example, later in the game you can turn land fields into water fields or speed up the growth of plants enormously.

Graphically I have a unique animation for each spell, which shows the character of the spell visually. There are 40 different spells and animations in total.

As a magician you learn new magic formulas one by one, which are mixed from substances found in the world or produced by yourself. The finished spells can be used with enough magic power. However, every spell has a minimal consciousness value. If this value is higher than the player's, the spell can be cast, but can lead to unpredictable consequences. For example, a healing spell can deal damage, or a weather spell can cause a natural disaster. The probability of this happening is directly related to the lack of consciousness.

There are also magic crystals that directly affect the surrounding fields and change the temperature, light or even water and nutrients of the soil. This gives many exciting new possibilities to create your own farm.

Indirectly, magic also finds its way into many items of equipment, where it improves basic values such as creativity or attack. Such magically enhanced equipment can be found in large numbers, bought or even build by yourself.