Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Content update V1.2

With this update Behind the Horizon is enriched with some new exciting content. First of all, there are two new areas and a cave, which have been hand-designed as usual. A new NPC offers two quest lines that are integrated into the main game. The level of difficulty is intended more for the beginning.
The new quests begin at Tiffany's café after you have had breakfast with her!

During the quests, it is possible to earn a mount (!) and to get another pet that, when enchanted, also helps on the farm.

In addition, I have greatly expanded the natural events, which are specifically adapted to the ongoing season, in order to create more variety and new challenges. There are now 4 possible events per season, with two having positive and two negative effects. The events occur randomly with different probabilities and it will take several years to experience them all, because more than two events are very rare in one season.

Cats have now learned to kill mice again and mice like to nibble on vegetables in return.

The netbook mode got a lot of changes and now the game actually runs smoothly on my Acer3 netbook with 4GB Ram and Intel HD. The vegetation density of ground cover, the surrounding coverage of light sources and the light size are limited.

On top of all this, there are numerous minor changes and the fixing of a few bugs. The complete list of changes can be read in the changelog V1.2.

All old game saves can still be used and the AddOn will be installed accordingly.

CAUTION Spoiler:
The following is a list of all global natural events and ways to counter them. If you would rather be surprised, do NOT read on here!

In all seasons you can find the event of the Light Fairy, who roams the land and casts positive, growth-promoting spells depending on the season.


- The flood(3 days): heavy rain floods large areas and changes the rivers and ponds. Soil that is flooded and dries out again becomes clay soil. As a countermeasure, banks can be protected with paths (sometimes successful) or sandbags (always works).

- Rivers(2days): after heavy rain, water comes down from the mountains and finds its way through the plains. This can sometimes make areas impassable, but fortunately the water gradually seeps away again after some time. The ground, however, changes irrevocably. It becomes more rocky in the upper course and more fertile in the lower.

- Seeds from distant lands: In this event, a warm wind comes from distant lands, bringing with it many seeds that settle in open areas.


- Drought(3 days): prolonged drought with extremely high temperatures. Also gradually dries out flooded areas. Only watering helps as a countermeasure.

- Rainbow rain: a warm summer rain that replenishes all water supplies and brings some additional nutrients.

- The locust plague(1 day): swarms of locusts appear on many water banks and eat the ground bare. They multiply at breakneck speed and can devour entire patches of land. The only comfort is that they only live for one day. As a countermeasure, there are herb stakes you can put up or you can try to kill them.


Thunderstorm(8h): a classic thunderstorm that damages trees and plants by lightning and wind. As a countermeasure, there are lightning rods that can protect a limited area.

Vole plague(3 days): In many parts of the world, voles are becoming a plague and roam the land in search of food. Fortunately, they only live for a few days. The best countermeasure is the farm cat, which quickly kills the mice.

Year of Mushrooms: In some autumns there is a veritable mushroom boom, because the spores of the mushrooms spread all over the country.


Eternal winter (3days) : The eternal winter brings low temperatures and lots of snow. A good time to spend in front of the warm stove or explore some caves.

Hailstorm(8h): Strong winds and hail lead to heavy snowfall and to fallen trees and damaged plants.

Metorites(4h): A swarm of metorites descends and leaves small crystals in many places that can be collected and sold for profit.