Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Full patch notes V1.5


When casting the spell "Quarter" and "Enchant Animals", the animal is now also stopped in motion when it is in "Follow Player" mode. This makes it easier to "hit" the animal with the spell.

During a hailstorm, snow no longer remains on lava or on deep waters.

To reduce the loading time of the new normal textures, they are now loaded in several threads.

There are three more types of path tiles to buy from Mona and Marco

The recipe lists in the build/magic and cook menu can now be scrolled using the arrows or the mouse wheel. This is a preparation for the big story add-on that is expected to be released in autumn.

A missing quest text has been added when Niall sends the player into the northern tunnel. Previously, there was no more quest text in the main quest section until this task was completed, which can be confusing if you take long breaks while playing.


Global lighting enhancement through Normal Mapping and Specular lighting effects. This is naturally most noticeable in dimly lit areas such as the caves and gives a much more varied exposure of textures and beautiful lighting effects.

The Normal Mapping lighting system can be switched off in the settings in the main menu. If you have a weaker graphics card, you should do this (Netbookmode also automatically switches off Normal Mapping).
On a (mid-range) Geforce 1060, the game continues to run in 4K resolution with stable 60fps.
In HD resolution, a Geforce 660M is sufficient. Intel HD graphics cards of the latest generation also manage 60fps in HD resolution.

The world for "start new game" has been greatly improved:
- Redesign of all floors in the caves. Wide areas with one and the same texture are now a thing of the past and have been improved with varied floor textures.
- Some textures have been replaced.
- An incorrect ground texture that was reserved for houses has been removed in Wood's cave.
- Entries for roofs in the world that prevented you from building a stable in that location have been removed.
- Ground textures for above ground paths have been given small embellishments that are randomly placed.

- The transitions between ground fields have been completely redesigned to more clearly reflect the boundaries of each field while still having a smooth transition.

- The shoreline of water bodies, where land and water fields meet, have been made more varied and now look more harmonious and rounded.

- The textures of paths and roads of Woodhome have been partially replaced or greatly improved.

- Rain hitting stone surfaces (paths) and water has now been given an effect



Fixed a bug where some monsters could sometimes only use their ranged attack and no longer run towards the player.