Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Patch Notes 2.07

Below the quick bar are now the corresponding keyboard shortcuts (1..0) to select the appropriate field.

Nira claims in the conversation that stables double the production, which was exaggerated. She has now returned to the truth ;-) !

Nature simulation:
The probability of rain in summer has been reduced and evaporation has been increased (global warming ;-) ).

An error had crept into the distribution of water during rain. Many fields were treated like desert fields and got too little water. This has now been fixed.

Patch Notes 2.08

Fixed a graphics bug with the speech bubble for plant sensing.
The hitbox for animals and NPC when interacting has been enlarged to include the entire sprite. This should make giving gifts and feeding animals much easier.

Patch Notes 2.09


After changing the NPC hitbox, you could no longer approach merchants behind their counter in some shops. This is now possible again.


The attack range of many smaller monsters has been reduced so that they now have to get closer to the player to strike. This makes it easier to fight with the sabre, especially in the beginning, and of course it also looks more coherent.


Extensive improvement of colours and contrast in many textures. This includes ground, paths, plants, walls and much more. The graphics look more colourful and defined.

The graphics routine for ground cover has been rewritten to prevent young grass plants from looking like "blobs of colour" on the ground field.

The same applies to the snow representation, which is now much softer. This gives more of an impression of an area that is slowly filling up with a blanket of snow.

The colour of the ground cover is now a little more wintry when growing under a blanket of snow.

The performance of the graphics engine has also been slightly improved by the above changes.