Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


Two texts in the trade window localised for the English version

Name for a deceased farm animal is now displayed localised in English
Name for farm animal in info emote is now displayed localised in English

Made an important event in the main story more accessible, as otherwise longer waiting times could occur without progress in the main story.

Taming pets now only works within the radius of the consciousness crystal (with spell or food). This allows the animal to get used to the farm in the best possible way. All other animals can be tamed everywhere.

The llama now always moves at the same maximum speed on paths and bridges, just like the player, and not depending on the ground below.


Unfortunately, the hollow emerald logs rotted too quickly in the world, so you couldn't find any at the end to harvest the first emerald wood (with the steel axe). this has been fixed. For those already playing, I've changed the plan for the Durit Axe so that you can build it without emeraldwood and then use it to chop the emeraldwood stumps. This should solve the problem.

Due to the overlapping of two states in the code, a damage bar was displayed on tree stumps when they were in the radius of the lightning rod. This has been fixed. However, it is necessary to dismantle and rebuild the already installed lightning rods ONCE in order for them to work as intended!!!!