Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

NM (17)


Hello Community,


the time has come again and a new major update for Behind the Horizon is available.

This time it's all about the graphics once again. I have integrated a new lighting system that creates very nice plastic effects with normal and specular mapping. Especially the caves have benefited enormously from this. The effects are less noticeable on the surface, as you are usually there during the day.

In addition, many textures (especially the paths and roads) have been improved or replaced, decorations added and transitions embellished.

The third major improvement concerns the starting map. There I went through the entire underground areas again and redesigned almost all the floors and stone tiles, so that there are now no longer any sprawling, monotonous areas. So I can only recommend everyone to try out the new starting map.

In addition, there are the usual minor adjustments and a few bugs that have been fixed.

You can read the list of all changes in the patchnotes.

Enjoy the game


New Trailer: