Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Hello Community,

It has been quiet around my game Behind the Horizon for a long time now, while I took a well-deserved summer break after 4 years of intensive development work and the PC stayed switched off most of the time.

Now that the days are getting shorter, I have started working on the first big add-on again. In the meantime, all the new areas in the world have been created and the framework of the plot and quests has already been set. I have created a lot of new graphics, new music and some new sounds.

I also had to adapt the save system to save additional data and optimised it and made it more flexible. Then there is a selection menu to start the AddOn (if a corresponding EndGame was found).

At the moment I am working on the intro of the AddOn and the new quest lines.


What does the AddOn offer:

The epic story continues seamlessly, taking our hero to many new areas and also answering some unanswered questions. There are new NPCs, new quests, new caves with new monsters that get other challenging mechanics. In addition, there will be another pet that can be summoned to help in battle.
As usual from the main game, the farm and RPG parts will be linked and offer a lot of variety.

The love story will also be continued.

But I won't reveal more yet. I will go into more detail on some aspects from time to time when I am writing them :-) !