Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


After the intro, Kian now stands near the stone circle so that he can be found more easily.
When entering the player name and the names of the pets, ö ü ä can now also be used. In addition, the maximum length of the player name has been increased and the input can now also be cancelled with Escape.

The squirrel at Wood could escape through a wall niche in rare cases, making the quest partially impossible to finish. This can now no longer happen in a newly started game.


The game has received a new save system that is more flexible and can accommodate the new data for the AddOn.
When the game is started, all saves found in the "SAVE" folder are now converted once into the new format.
To be on the safe side, I renamed the old saves to ".bak" files. I have tested the programme intensively and actually everything should work :-) !

In addition, the update already contains a lot of graphics and music data for the upcoming add-on.