Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



- The number of monsters in the first cave has been reduced to make it easier to get into the game.

- The nutrients and water spells are now as effective as the strong fertiliser and the light water bucket.

- Lava now dries out all surrounding fields daily and all plants and ground cover die and any snow cover melts away.

- The values of all dishes and snacks have been adjusted to improve the balance. As a result, potions are now more important, as food can return less life essence. Some bonuses for magic or attack have also been slightly reduced.

- The food values for fruit from the tree have also been adjusted to the other dishes and snacks.

- Dogs and cats now need more fried eggs per day, as the nutritional value of these has been greatly reduced. This also makes other dishes for feeding pets more interesting.

- In built-up stables, sometimes there were still a few seeds lying around on soil fields. These are now removed when the stable is built.

- Seeds from trees no longer hinder the construction of stables. They are removed during construction.

- Animals that eat all types of grass (cow, chicken, rabbit, etc.) are now reasonably happy with the sparse steppe grass.

- NPCs that you accidentally hurt will now only not talk to you for a maximum of one day. This does not affect other sources of angryness such as stealing.

- Material from a crafting chest is now only available (in the build menu) if the chest is within 20 spaces of the player and the crafting station.

- When casting Calm the Weather, the sound effects for the wind were not turned off. This is now fixed.

- When crossing lava, our hero now catches fire, which makes crossing lava fields difficult or impossible. If he is protected by a shield, it will be consumed first.

- Monsters and animals can now have resistance to multiple elements or physical damage and not just one as before.

- Bosses can now have several combat phases in which they change their behaviour. This will be used especially in the upcoming AddOn.

- The calculation for the distance from the crystal on the farm has been changed so that the increase is linear. The maximum has been reduced slightly and is reached from a consciousness value of 600.

- When harvesting self-planted ground covers, you now correctly get double the amount as opposed to wild plants.

- The maximum attack base has been increased from 120 to 130 (which equals 130% damage on all weapons and spells) for the add-on.

- Loot prices have been lowered to be more appropriate in relation to farm work.

- The formula for calculating the final prices at merchants has been changed so that affections (hearts) now have more weight.

- In recipes for dishes, it is now shown directly in the info window whether the dish is suitable as pet food for dogs and cats.

- The spell "Enchant animals" now checks whether the animal is tamed at all.


All windows of the GUI have been newly created and now form a unit with the quick bar at the bottom of the screen. All windows now open animatedly at the top, which on the one hand has a more uniform visual effect and on the other hand also extremely shortens the paths of the mouse arrow. In addition, many simplifications in operation have become possible:

1) In the trade window you can now sell directly from the inventory (which also opens) and from the quick bar.

2) The quick bar now works like the inventory and items can be taken in and out of it as usual. Also all shortcuts with Shift/LAlt work and now also RAlt to split a stack. Books and recipes can also be read in the quick bar.

3) Due to these changes, the brown frame (active tool/spell) can now only be moved with the mouse wheel and the numbers 0..9. In addition, I have added the possibility to press the R key when the mouse pointer is over a field in the quick bar to set the brown frame to the corresponding field.

The blue frame for the item can now only be moved by pressing the Q key while the mouse pointer is over one of the fields in the quick bar. Alternatively, you can simply swap the items in the quick bar.

A bug in the text output of dialogues that sometimes a space was missing between 2 words has been fixed.

The traders' sales list is now sorted by type and subtype of item, which leads to more clarity.

The info window is now automatically displayed in the crafting menus even for recipes (without right-clicking).

The info window for seeds and plant packs (in trade as well as in inventory) now shows on which soils the respective plant can grow). This is independent of whether you have already read a book about this plant.


Many quests now have a progress indicator in the quest log. This applies to quests such as plant, sow, destroy X plants and also all references to events in the future. It is now shown there when the quest will continue and the player no longer has to remember when, for example, 7 days have passed.


- The evaporation of water in the soil during the day is now calculated depending on the temperature. At cold temperatures, no more water evaporates even in sunshine. In extreme heat, however, an extremely large amount does.

- There are now extensive deserts (in the main game the area south of the oasis) where much less rain falls. In summer it practically never rains and in spring and autumn it rains much less than in the areas with a temperate climate. Winter is also much milder and it never snows.

- The ambient light now also depends on the light intensity on the field on which the player is standing. The light intensity increases from the far north to the deserts in the south. Light and shadow crystals and other effects are taken into account.

- The light value on the fields has been extended so that values of 0..150 are now possible (previously max. 100). This is especially important for the desert areas of the AddOn. The light requirements of all plants and trees have been adjusted to the new maximum limit.

- All crops can now be grown all year round if you ensure that their needs (nutrients, water, light and heat) are met. For plants that can be harvested several times (tomatoes,strawberries,etc..) the life span has been limited to between 20 and a maximum of 30 days. Unfortunately, this can lead to existing plants in old game saves living too long and being harvested more often than intended. These changes give the player the freedom to grow all crops at any time. In return, the level of difficulty increases somewhat, because you now always have to consider for yourself whether a plant can grow in the current season.

Wild plants still have one or two fixed seasons in which they flower or bear fruit.

- Trees now improve the soil like all other plants every day they grow, and no longer only once a year when they drop their leaves or when they die.

- The experience bonuses of some plants have been reduced to slow down the changes of rocky areas and make the donkey more interesting.

- Rocky areas can now no longer be turned into water fields during a flood (extreme weather). However, the flood from the mountains can still (temporarily) turn rock into water.


- Minor bugs with the roof of the player's house have been fixed.

- All soil crystals (nutrients, heat, light, etc..) have been redesigned.

Start map:

- The world has been further improved and beautified. Decorations in many places have been added, bridges flood made safer and some new resources distributed.

Ingame Manual:

- The manual has been updated for the update and a section for new features in the add-on The Desert Already has been added.
- In addition, the improvements from previous updates have now been added directly to the manual. Many sections have been completed or created from scratch.