Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Change Log V 1.04

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



Magdas workspace has been reduced in summer and autumn to avoid pumpkin seeds in the surrounding area.


Changed plan for Good Buckets 


The size of the catastrophes flood and drought has been slightly extended and the maximum
Number of possible floods increased.


Minor changes to the map , Bottlenecks at bridges during floods removed , access to cave entrances ensured
Rain and evaporation is now added directly to the soil by the hour instead of just once a day. This allows you to immediately see the effects of rain. At night, clear skies no longer affect the moisture in the soil.


After rainy weather in an event, the rain sound is now properly turned off


Factor for harvesting of self-planted trees and crops reduced and prices for fruits of trees adjusted, so that wild growing trees yield less than cultivated ones.


New textures for saxifrage and wild+ forest herbs.

English version of the game is now finished and ready to use!