Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Change Log V 1.05

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



One font replaced + character size of books and quests adjusted
All Recipes show now the ingredients they need.
Tooltip Window enlarged


The skull event now clears the skull away afterwards!


The sight of the player has been increased by default so that the whole screen is used to display the world !
Trees are now correctly displayed on the minimap in winter.


Introduction of fatigue. After 16h without sleep the hero gets tired, after 18h the visibility starts to diminish and after 24h the creative power decreases. Enough sleep, a Potion or a spell will remove the fatique.
If pause was pressed now the time of buffs doesn't pass and the player doesn't starve anymore.

Spell Eagle Vision

becomes "Keep up" and reduces fatigue by several hours


some potions now also reduce fatigue instead of increasing visibility!


active volcanoes have been added that can be destroyed. This creates lava lakes that slowly cool down.

Localization english

Some emotetexts localized
NPC greeting localized