Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Changelog 1.07

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)

Nature simulation:

Introduction of seepage. Every soil type now has the property of seepage, which tells you what percentage of the added water will seep away. Stones, gravel and sand have the highest seepage values. Heavy clay and clay soil have the lowest.
The seepage puts the soil composition and the development of the soil even more in the focus and makes it more laborious to cultivate on sand or sandy soil.

Earth fields bordering on swamps, ponds or river water now benefit from the moisture of the neighbouring field. The water supply is replenished daily.
Evaporation in sunny weather has been greatly increased during the day.
Ground coverings plants now reduce evaporation by up to 50% depending on the density of growth.
Trees now reduce evaporation by up to 50% depending on size (giant adult trees also reduce evaporation from surrounding fields by 25%)


Cacti and palm trees now have greater resistance to drought.

Trees and giant trees can no longer be replanted with a shovel, but must be sown. Seeds can still be dug up.

Some trees now have more specific preferences in temperature and cannot survive the winter directly at the farm.

The reproduction conditions of trees have been changed once again to prefer a more varied and less dense forest.

Some weapons have been adjusted in damage and speed to improve balance.

Combat spells cost a little more energy to improve the balance to melee weapons.

Nutrient and Water Crystals now give less water and nutrients than combinations of 2 or 4 crystals.

The reproduction of NPC farm animals has been increased.


Some seed varieties made more visible

Pear tree texture improved

Coffee bean blossom now better visible

AloeVera textures now more uniform in color

2 path textures less prominent


The snowmelt now also takes place in warm rainy weather.

Change of weather allows for a change of weather even if a sequence has been started in a house.

Shadowing by giant trees now covers all fields around.

Shading of fields by trees now only becomes active when the tree is medium in size.

Chickens no longer leave the brooding mode because they want to lay an egg in the nest.

Stone wall gates can now be placed directly into the stone wall like wooden gates

Localization English:

some missing infotexts have been translated

corrected several small errors in the dialogs