Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

ChangeLog V1.1 Release Version



Bug in the event "Lassagne in the evening" fixed

No more water is drawn from water fields

A bug in the growth of animals has been removed

Some potential problems when using the teleport in closed areas have been fixed.

Enlarged the starting area of an event in a cave.

No more duplicate messages about a dead animal.


Changed Aleena's dialogue background music

The prickly pear bush can now only be bought in the oasis.

Donkeys now eat up all the ground cover little by little and then improve the soil (all soil types)

Pigs are now improving the soil a little faster, donkeys and horses a little slower than before

When using the teleporter stone to the farm, the music from the farm will now occasionally start.

Nutrient and water crystals return less nutrients and water respectively, so the rain spell, water buckets and farm animals that fertilize the soil have their place and farming is not made too easy.

Animals now hold still briefly when tamed with a spell

The player's old position is now only saved when using the teleport spell and not when travelling between stone circles or using the teleport stone.

The soil improvement of the plants was revised and adapted to the type of plants

Tooltip window has been enlarged to fit all texts.

NPC crafting stations are now private.

When fighting higher Demons that prevent teleporting the player can no longer save the game.

Quarries now produce now less stone and ore.

Emerald wood stumps and hollow trunks now give less emerald wood.

Loot now stops in front of walls so that everything can be collected.

Animals that live in a barn now have a chance of 2 eggs/milk/wool

The soil type now reduces or increases the germination time by up to +/- 2 days depending on the quality of the soil.

When enchanting animals, the spell will now immediately indicate if the animal is still too young.


The experience points of the levels of the earth have been raised slightly


Bridges are now also shown on the minimap

Instructions that were too large for the window were shortened

Now different mouse pointers for dialogues, communication with plants and animals

Mouse pointer interaction now coloured

There are now 6 (instead of 3) differently coloured cats and dogs, so that you can better distinguish your own pets.

Seeds of the Agave are now more visible.

Seeds of the coffee perennial are now more visible.

Cucumber plant with cucumbers now easier to recognise.



Various problems during floods eliminated

Adapted some walls in the caves and added a switch so that the area remains accessible even if the player teleports out.

Minor improvements all over the world map.