Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Changelog V1.12

(old savegames can still be used)


The appropriate interface size is now determined automatically when the game starts and then saved with the score. Later this can also be set manually and is also saved. However, it is not recommended to make the GUI so large that windows overlap, because then some elements are no longer accessible.

Speech bubbles position at the player optimised

The active tool in the quick bar can now be changed with the scroll wheel of the mouse.

In the Quest Overview and Library, the list can now also be moved using the mouse scroll wheel.


A dollar symbol has been changed into a euro symbol :-) !


New magic that allows to transfer animals from one stable to another or to unbind the connection to a stable.


An event starter has been changed


Texts for the load and save dialog were translated into English.


Error in the calculation of dealer prices (Affection Boni) fixed


Changelog V1.13

(old savegames can still be used)


When the player died, the game went into an endless loop in rare cases. Fixed.


The pain sounds of the player now come much less often and depending on the damage


The autumn colouring of the trees is now less strong