Behind the Horizon

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Changelog V1.14


Fixed bug with standing devil animation


The spell Connect Spirit has undergone some changes: If the spell is cast on a plant that was not planted by the player, it will be given the status "planted by the player" if it is within reach of the crystal. The spell does not work on trees.
If the spell is cast on an empty field, the player will have a temorary connection to all the surrounding plants and trees he has planted and can see if they are suffering from deficiency conditions (graphically marked by animated different coloured symbols on the field. Blue stands for lack of water, brown for lack of nutrients, orange for too much heat, turquoise for too cold, light yellow for too much light and dark grey for too little light.

The Heal spell can now also revive trees in "Overload" mode. They get a part of their life time back, but first they have to grow again until they can bear fruit.

New building plans:

Lightning conductor: prevents lightning from striking an area (lightning destroys all plants and damages trees and injures or kills animals)
Herbal stake: will be needed in the next big content update.
Sandbag: prevents the field from being flooded.

Plant Emote:

the reason why plants are dying is now also shown. It also shows when a tree is wounded.


If you press the "Left Control Button" in the game, the area in which the player is allowed to plant (measured against his consciousness) is displayed brighter. Floor areas that are still too far away are displayed darker.


Shopsign with opening hours of Alfred's farm shop corrected

ChangeLog 1.14b

- The two displays for Life Essence and Energy are now smaller in relation to the rest of the GUI and therefore take up less space in the corners. The whole GUI is still scalable.

- A mouse control of the character was added. If you press the middle mouse button the character always runs in direction of the mouse arrow