Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Changelog 1.15


New menu that allows access to all menus in the game with a single click (access on the far right of the quick bar)

Objects can be placed directly on the quick bar. If the place was occupied, the item will land at the mouse pointer and can either be put back into the inventory or simply dropped on the ground, which will also land in the next free inventory place.


Various groundcover textures were edited or redesigned.


Possibility to steal vegetables and fruits! Up to now it was not allowed to harvest on foreign beds. This is now allowed with the corresponding consequences and it is up to the player to decide whether to use it (Note: NPCs don't like it at all when you steal and it is not good for your consciousness either).


Changelog V1.15b:


All ground cover textures have been redesigned and the graphics engine has been rewritten to make the landscape look more harmonious.

Stone textures have been improved


it is now possible to offer hay and feed the animals that normally eat grass in winter when the snow cover is closed. Previously, you had to either feed them their favourite food (needed for taming) or shovel the snow away. Feeding with hay satisfies the animal for a day and is important for all farm animals that produce something.

On the minimap above the houses it is now shown who lives there. This hopefully helps with orientation in Woodhome (NPCs almost always return home in the evening. Some eat in the restaurant first.)