Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Changelog V1.2

( Old savegames can still be used )


New quest lines around the new NPC named Wood (lives as a hermit in the northern woods).

A new cave and a new area were added for the quests.

Introduction of the squirrel pet

Introduction of the llama, as a farm animal and as a mount.

Some animals can now occasionally give birth to more young or hatch eggs

Global nature events can now only occur after 60 days to make it easier for the player to get started.



There are 2 new storms and two plagues - something for every season.

There are a total of 8 positive natural events - two for each season.

The events occur randomly 1-2 times in each season, so there is now a lot of variety.

In addition, there are books explaining the natural events (at the merchant and alchemist)



A new rare seed with complex challenging cultivation + instruction book to go with it.

Moss now only grows on the soil types sand, gravel, stones and rock.

Propagation of wild ground cover has been lowered.


Sheep and hares are now bigger when ready for shearing.

Announcement of natural events has now been moved from the player's messages to the info text, where it is easier to read.

Infotexts now have different colours to make them easier to categorise.


Fixed a small bug that occurred when farm animals ate large plants.

Fixed bug that sometimes you got stuck when opening doors and had to close the door again.

Fixed a bug in the calculation of light and heat in the weather.

Fixed a bug in burning (fire spells/fire weapons) of plants (display was wrong)

Projectiles are now also stopped correctly on walls in private houses of NPCs.

Texture error in some spells has been fixed (rounding error when converting to PNG file)

The animation sequence of old dogs and cats has been corrected (after implementation of the different fur colours)

Game Engine:

Framework for loading and integrating AddOns and tranforming savegames from other game versions created.


Simplified the rendering of plants for netbookmode for better performance on very weak systems. I also improved the system of light sources and now more lights are displayed in netbook mode. However, the ambient occlusion remains switched off (this means that light also shines a little through walls).
The goal was to be able to play the game smoothly on an Intel HD netbook.