Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

A small update with two new functions:


The first change concerns the behaviour of the game when an item is transported directly into the chest with an open chest by means of ShiftL + left mouse click on the item in the inventory.
Now the game SCANS all the player's craft chests for stacks of the corresponding item and then puts the item there. Only if no stack is found does the item end up in the open chest as before.
The items do not simply disappear !
Once you get used to this, you will love this function :-) !

Changelog V1.21

Sorting items into chests has been simplified even more. By holding down the shift key, items are now not only sorted into the open chest, but ALL of the player's crafting chests are searched for stacks of the same item and these are then filled up. Only if no other stacks are found in other craft chests will the item be placed in an empty space in the open chest.

In the trade menu you can now directly talk to the NPC by clicking on the speech bubble in the upper left corner (previously this was only possible by pressing the L-Alt key when selecting the NPC).

Since many people had problems with the fact that you can't see where the ground is wet at the beginning of the game, I have now unlocked this function from the beginning and the ground is displayed slightly darker if there is still some water. However, the display in the upper status window to determine the exact water level will still be disabled until you learn the skill.


The rain particles for heavy rain have been lowered.


Since the last update, many NPCs were unable to close the doors of their houses. This has now been fixed.