Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


Added 2 links to the start menu:
- Link to the Steam Communty for Behind the Horizon
- Link to homepage of the game

Quest arrow position optimised

When simply sorting by Left-Shift + LMB it is now also checked if the opened chest is a craft chest. Before you could use the system to put items into cave chests, which were then automatically sorted into craft chests at the farm. Of course, it wasn't meant to be that way.


Pets should now not hang around under the roof at the sides of the farm so often (this made it hard to find them).

New greetings have been added for some NPCs to add a bit more variety. This is an ongoing work in progress and with each update a few more NPCs will get more texts.


There is now a series of tutorial videos on my homepage that explain all the main aspects simply and briefly. For all those who don't like to read manuals ;-) !
In the game you can open the link with F2 in the browser.


Fixed a bug that if you died after activating the shrine in the tutorial cave, you missed the cutscene and had to run back to the cave.