Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


The self-made marker on the map can now be removed again with Shift + left mouse click on the map.

If you start to starve, there is now a small message (the icon was often overlooked).

The map can now be zoomed out a little further to have a larger overview.

If you press the left CTRL (or left CONTROL) key, the radius in which you can plant something is still displayed. In addition, the name of the soil is displayed on all fields. I hope that this brings more clarity.

If you talk to pets while they are running around, you will now get a short message with their name and how they are doing. This should make it easier to see when pets need to be fed and also to distinguish them if you have a lot of pets.

The whole feedback system (speech bubbles) has been redesigned to be more consistent. Instead of many different speech bubbles, there is now one that is colour-coded to match the topic of the message.
In addition, there are now new options:

1) if you try to harvest a plant that is not yet ripe, the name of the plant is now displayed. This way you can also identify unknown plants.

2) If you try to chop wood or stones, for which the axe/pickaxe is still too weak, you will also see the name of the wood/stone you are trying to chop.

3) many messages are now much more specific and say what exactly the problem is.


You can now sell cooked food to Emma at the grocery shop, or to the traders Mona and Marko. Emma offers the better prices for food. Almost all dishes can be sold and compared to the prices of the ingredients there are a few coins more :-) !

The prices for food have also been adjusted somewhat for this.