Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



It is now displayed correctly when trying to harvest a dying plant (instead of: Plant X too young to harvest -> Plant X is dead).

The amount of rigid plant fibres obtained when felling trees is reduced and the the chance of finding them increased.


In addition to the display of the soil types and the crystal radius (STRG/Control left), a few things have been added, which I hope will make it easier for you to deal with the nature simulation and farming.
1) The display of the development state of the soil has been added. With the help of a bar you can see how long it will take for the soil to develop. This is of course relative to the amount of experience the soil still needs. Example: a half-full bar of rock needs much less points than a half-full bar of red earth.
2) The indication of light and temperature on this field. This also takes into account the shade of the trees, the current weather and possible microclimates. It is therefore a snapshot that corresponds to the display in the GUI for the field under the character.
3) If already unlocked, the current moisture is shown below in bar chart form and below that the nutrients in the soil. This is again relative to the type of soil.
All these values are only displayed in the radius of the farm's crystal of consciousness.

The sickle can now no longer be used pointlessly on paths.

The display of nutrients and water on the field on which the player is standing is now deactivated if there is a path or road underneath.

All harvesting tools now display the remaining germination time when applied to a seed. The ladder does this for seeds of trees, the basket for seeds of farm plants and the sickle for seeds of ground covers.
(please don´t forget that the type of soil affects the germination time - more information about this you can find in the manual)