Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



- A planting area of Hagen (NPC) has been reduced in size.
- Some spelling mistakes in the German dialogues have been corrected.
- The number of coins you have to give back to Aleena has been corrected.
- The sale of plans, formulas and recipes has been unlocked and duplicate copies can now be sold at the merchant (Marco/Mona). There are a few exceptions.
- By killing monsters you can now increase your attack value by another 5 points. So it's even more worthwhile to eliminate the demons of the underworld :-) !


- fixed a small bug with the teleport spell, where the saved position was also deleted by telports between stone circles.

Netbook Mode:
- The fog and snow display has been simplified so that even low-powered systems can display the game smoothly in winter.
- The ground under the snow cover is displayed in a simplified way.