Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



After a cutscene has ended, the player is now teleported directly to where the cutscene ends. If this place is blocked by an obstacle, you return to where you activated the sequence.

The small chunks of iron ore can now be chopped up with the copper pickaxe. This creates the possibility of chopping enough iron yourself and making the iron pickaxe yourself. Until now, the only way to get it was to buy it from Walter the blacksmith.


There is now the possibility to sort the contents of a chest (Button in Chest GUI has been added)

There is now the possibility to sort the inventory (except for the first 10 places of the quickbar). A Button in the Inventory GUI has been added.


Fixed a potential problem when quick if you had an item stuck to the mouse pointer (the item was not saved with the game then. Now the item is placed on the ground before saving and is therefore no longer lost).

Some textures of animals were corrected

Fixed: The locust plague did not always start correctly.

Fixed a bug when closing some shutters in Woodhome.