Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


The feedback for the skill "Plant feel" has been extended, so that in the case of deficiency conditions it is now displayed exactly how many days the plant can still survive.
In addition, the remaining natural lifespan is displayed.


The spell "Connect Spirit" now works in the same way as "Feel Plants". This means that the current state of your own plants is displayed and no longer the deficiency states of the previous day.
However, this also means that these values depend on the current weather, because a lack of light, for example, can be immediately eliminated as soon as the sun comes out. On a daily average (which is crucial for growth), however, it can sometimes still mean that the plant is not growing.


The current version is now shown on the top left of the start screen, so that everyone can check if he has received all updates.


Pine seeds were displayed with an incorrect texture in winter when it snowed. This is now fixed.

When building fences, the character would sometimes get stuck if he stood too close to pieces of fence that changed due to the newly added fence. This is now taken into account.