Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..


New item: llama whistle. It is used to call the next riding llama to you. It only works on the surface of the world.

Short quest series in connection with the llama whistle. Start at Magda's after you have learned the animal language and finished Wood's quest series.

When the river flood came too early in spring and the areas were still covered with snow you couldn't see the new rivers and it felt like you were running into an invisible wall. I have changed this so that the river flood can now come later in the spring and the new river fields melt the snow.


brightened up the nutrient display a bit so it stands out better and is easier to read.

The dialogue box has now been unified with the main interface to look more uniform.


Sometimes it happened that the trade window closed again immediately after opening(if you were standing too far away from the trader). This is now fixed.