Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Hello Community,

This update is about the textures of trees and paths and includes many other small improvements. The textures of the trees were stretched in the past and therefore the trees did not look so good in the game. Now the textures are integrated into the game in double resolution.
The road textures have also been renewed and integrated into the game in a different way, which makes them look more harmonious.

The trees now grow gradually to full size and each have three different textures in their growth phase, which provides more variety.

With this update the polishing of the game is finished as far as I can see. It feels all in all good.
Next on the agenda are two more big content updates that continue the main story and answer unanswered questions, while of course also expanding the nature and farm area (new plants and trees, new animals and new nature events). Of course, this will take time and cannot be done in a weekly cycle as before. I will take it easy with these addons, because the last time was quite exhausting.



All textures of trees have been renewed (the trees themselves are of course unchanged) and integrated into the game in double resolution. Some fruits and the colour of the leaves were optimised. For this, parts of the textures had to be moved and rearranged. All changes should work in every game state.

All textures of the paths and roads were completely redesigned and the way they are painted was reprogrammed. Frayed path edges are now a thing of the past and all paths have also received small embellishments that are randomly drawn.


The spell attack buff can now be bought individually from Niall (some recipes require the spell).

Some English translations of "ancient grain" corrected.

A rune that was in Joseph's house could be picked up incorrectly. This has been fixed.

After the end of the main story, a final save is now created (in an invisible saveslot) that can be loaded from the game's (future) add-on.

Trees are now properly revived at the same growth level by the overcharged healing spell.

Existing temporary bonuses increased by potions and food are now only replaced if the new bonus is greater. This affects attack, magic points, magnet range and maximum energy. If the bonus is the same, the remaining time is increased.

Display of bonuses for speed now in %.


A small bug that crept in during a previous update and caused certain objects not to be entered into the map from a distance has been fixed.

Some potions and some dishes did not temporarily increase speed as intended. This should be fixed now.