Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



Hello Communtiy,

the time has come: The new DLC - Behind the Horizon "The Sky Fortress" is available for everyone today!

In addition to a large patch, which is accessible to all players for free and adds new exciting content such as jumping, the DLC will tell the main story to the end in another 4 chapters (50++ game hours). This completes the epic triology.

In addition, as always, there are many new mechnanics, new NPCs, two combat companions that can also be trained and used in the main game, new recipes, new plants and much more.

Click here to go to the shop page, where you can see all the new features in detail and of course also buy the DLC :-) ! Even if you haven't finished the DLC "The Desert" yet, or are still at the very beginning, "The Sky Fortress" is worthwhile, as there is also a lot of additional content for the main game.

You can also watch the trailer for the DLC here:

Enjoy the game and if you like it, please write a review on Steam :-) ! For suggestions and problems there is the community area!





Hello Community,

The work on the DLC The Sky Fortress is now finished and I will use the rest of the time until the release at the beginning of September for extensive test play.

If you want to find out more, you can already take a look at the DLC shop page. There you will find a lot of details.


After finishing the DLC, and also because the triology of the main story is now completed, I have compiled some data about my game project. I think I shouldn't keep this from you. I'm sure it will be interesting for some of you to find out what Behind the Horizon is all about:

Development time (at the moment): about 7 years
Lines of code (C++): > 156000 - yes, that's really a lot ;-)

NPCs (all with their own seasonal daily routine and personal history): 74
monsters: 82
BossMonsters: 26
Animals: 18
Farm animals: 9
Pets: 6

Dialogue texts of the NPCs: 663535 characters (no I didn't count that myself ;-) ) - that's about 375 book pages

Script cutscenes: 250

Texts for cutscenes: 190562 characters or about 120 book pages

Quests in total: 614 - I didn't count the characters for quest texts

Equipment items in the game: 137
Plants (all with growth cycles): 61
Ground cover: 14
Tree species: 24
Soil types: 41

Books: 183 - again, I didn't have the character set counted, but there are a lot!

Teleporters: 20
Recipes(Food): 65
Plans(Building): 146
Formulas(Spells): 65

Spells: 65

Graphics: 1288 128pxx128px tiles
2801 64pxx64px tiles
- which of course must all have their own definition structure in the game.

Overlay backgrounds 7

Steam achievements: 100

So that's it ;-) ! Maybe this gives some of you an overview of how big an extensive RPG is. If I had known beforehand how big the game would be, I probably wouldn't have started it. But this way, passion and joy about what I have achieved have driven me on and on.

The Caves

The caves themselves cover a huge underground area and are 100% handmade. By ambient occlusion and ambient sound, an eerie or mysterious atmosphere is created.

There are a total of 14 different types of monsters with various subspecies, which differ in size, colour and in abilities. The boss monsters all have unique spells and mechanics, and many of the "normal" monsters are also capable of simple magic. Of course there are also very simple spiders and bats, which are more annoying than dangerous ;-) !

Magic in Behind the Horizon

Today I´ll tell you about magic in Behind the Horizon. Magic and its use is closely linked to the epic story of my game, and is used not only for killing monsters in the huge hand made caves, but for many other manipulations of the world. For example, later in the game you can turn land fields into water fields or speed up the growth of plants enormously.

About the graphics

Today I would like to tell you something about the graphic in Behind the Horizon. Since I am mainly a game designer and programmer I had to start from scratch in the graphical area and often had to rely on other generous artists who provide their textures and sprites as OpenArt. Therefore there are inevitably different graphic styles in my game, which is perceived as disturbing by some. But I have found that after a short time it doesn't matter anymore and in some "magical" way ;-) everything fits together again. It's the athmosphere that carries the game and the many possibilities and stories that Behind the Horizon is focused on.