Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..

Change Log V 1.06

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



Some flowering periods of crops have been limited to one season (tomato/blueberry/strawberry)


Plant textures of wild herbs improved
Seeds of some crops made more visible
Improved some textures of trees to make them easier to see
2 NPC textures animation corrected
Fence texture corrected
milk bottle texture corrected


EP requirements increased for all spells


wrong info text corrected
Emote more differentiated when harvesting animals
Added info text for failed teleport by blocking the target field


Prices of fertiliser + improved fertiliser reduced

English localisation

Some emote texts translated

Change Log V 1.05

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



One font replaced + character size of books and quests adjusted
All Recipes show now the ingredients they need.
Tooltip Window enlarged


The skull event now clears the skull away afterwards!


The sight of the player has been increased by default so that the whole screen is used to display the world !
Trees are now correctly displayed on the minimap in winter.


Introduction of fatigue. After 16h without sleep the hero gets tired, after 18h the visibility starts to diminish and after 24h the creative power decreases. Enough sleep, a Potion or a spell will remove the fatique.
If pause was pressed now the time of buffs doesn't pass and the player doesn't starve anymore.

Spell Eagle Vision

becomes "Keep up" and reduces fatigue by several hours


some potions now also reduce fatigue instead of increasing visibility!


active volcanoes have been added that can be destroyed. This creates lava lakes that slowly cool down.

Localization english

Some emotetexts localized
NPC greeting localized

Change Log V 1.04

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



Magdas workspace has been reduced in summer and autumn to avoid pumpkin seeds in the surrounding area.


Changed plan for Good Buckets 


The size of the catastrophes flood and drought has been slightly extended and the maximum
Number of possible floods increased.


Minor changes to the map , Bottlenecks at bridges during floods removed , access to cave entrances ensured
Rain and evaporation is now added directly to the soil by the hour instead of just once a day. This allows you to immediately see the effects of rain. At night, clear skies no longer affect the moisture in the soil.


After rainy weather in an event, the rain sound is now properly turned off


Factor for harvesting of self-planted trees and crops reduced and prices for fruits of trees adjusted, so that wild growing trees yield less than cultivated ones.


New textures for saxifrage and wild+ forest herbs.

English version of the game is now finished and ready to use!

Change Log V 1.03

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)


Flood disaster:

Floods can now flood paths with a low probability. Trees die when they are flooded.


Magic Event: Bucket display error fixed


Small animals adapted in size, as they seemed very small.
Planting radius around the consciousness crystal slightly slower rise


Irrigation with buckets: empty buckets are now, when the last bucket is used up, collected together again in the selected inventory space so that they can be refilled immediately!
Additionally the light water bucket offers the possibility to water 3x3 fields at the same time by pressing L-Alt when using the bucket


Spell Destruction now restores the ground less frequently and if this fails the ground is randomly selected.
added some texts


some soft fades added


Version 1.02 has been released!

Changes V1.02:

old games can still be used (just copy them into the save folder)



Cursor keys can be used alternatively for control


Prices for various vegetables were adjusted to the degree of difficulty of cultivation


The different siols now blend into each other much more beautifully in terms of colour.

World simulation:

Trees now grow a little denser and more irregular, which just looks more natural.
Various changes in the cultivation of vegetables and trees.
All trees no longer have to take a winter break and can grow in all seasons if the temperatures aren´t too low.


Changed some disturbing details on the map.


A destination of a staircase moved in the mines, so you don't get stuck on a rock.