Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



- A planting area of Hagen (NPC) has been reduced in size.
- Some spelling mistakes in the German dialogues have been corrected.
- The number of coins you have to give back to Aleena has been corrected.
- The sale of plans, formulas and recipes has been unlocked and duplicate copies can now be sold at the merchant (Marco/Mona). There are a few exceptions.
- By killing monsters you can now increase your attack value by another 5 points. So it's even more worthwhile to eliminate the demons of the underworld :-) !


- fixed a small bug with the teleport spell, where the saved position was also deleted by telports between stone circles.

Netbook Mode:
- The fog and snow display has been simplified so that even low-powered systems can display the game smoothly in winter.
- The ground under the snow cover is displayed in a simplified way.



- Removed a flower from a shadow grass texture


- The behaviour that NPCs often fail to close their front door has been fixed and should now work.
- Added quest goal areas for some quests.


- in the build, cook, magic menu the tooltip now appears automatically above the ingredients and the result
- in the trade menu the tooltip now also appears automatically in the list of the trader and the items for sale.
- in the inventory or in the chest, everything remains the same.
- Corrected some text emotes that were incorrectly assigned since the last redesign.

- Reduced the number of fogtextures for netbook mode.


Patch notes V1.25

the normal mice have a little less appetite for vegetables again.

Reminder for the important summer event in Woodhome added (if you forget this you have to wait a whole year).

When harvesting ground covers, sometimes a mistake was made and the seed texture was displayed instead of the plant texture.
Fixed a bug in the subtraction of the cost of the energy from the harvesting tools. It was possible to regain energy by using it on empty fields.


The self-made marker on the map can now be removed again with Shift + left mouse click on the map.

If you start to starve, there is now a small message (the icon was often overlooked).

The map can now be zoomed out a little further to have a larger overview.

If you press the left CTRL (or left CONTROL) key, the radius in which you can plant something is still displayed. In addition, the name of the soil is displayed on all fields. I hope that this brings more clarity.

If you talk to pets while they are running around, you will now get a short message with their name and how they are doing. This should make it easier to see when pets need to be fed and also to distinguish them if you have a lot of pets.

The whole feedback system (speech bubbles) has been redesigned to be more consistent. Instead of many different speech bubbles, there is now one that is colour-coded to match the topic of the message.
In addition, there are now new options:

1) if you try to harvest a plant that is not yet ripe, the name of the plant is now displayed. This way you can also identify unknown plants.

2) If you try to chop wood or stones, for which the axe/pickaxe is still too weak, you will also see the name of the wood/stone you are trying to chop.

3) many messages are now much more specific and say what exactly the problem is.


You can now sell cooked food to Emma at the grocery shop, or to the traders Mona and Marko. Emma offers the better prices for food. Almost all dishes can be sold and compared to the prices of the ingredients there are a few coins more :-) !

The prices for food have also been adjusted somewhat for this.


There is now the possibility to set a marker on the mini map. To do this, mark the point with the right mouse button. The marker is saved with the savegame.
To close the minimap, right-click on the edge of the window or press "M" again or press "Esc".

Some overlooked texts have been translated

There are 2 more tutorial videos with tips for getting started

The greetings texts have now been fully expanded for all remaining NPCs :-) !

While lying unconscious at a shrine, monsters can no longer kill you and after visiting the shrine, your life essence and creator power will be replenished.


Added 2 links to the start menu:
- Link to the Steam Communty for Behind the Horizon
- Link to homepage of the game

Quest arrow position optimised

When simply sorting by Left-Shift + LMB it is now also checked if the opened chest is a craft chest. Before you could use the system to put items into cave chests, which were then automatically sorted into craft chests at the farm. Of course, it wasn't meant to be that way.


Pets should now not hang around under the roof at the sides of the farm so often (this made it hard to find them).

New greetings have been added for some NPCs to add a bit more variety. This is an ongoing work in progress and with each update a few more NPCs will get more texts.


There is now a series of tutorial videos on my homepage that explain all the main aspects simply and briefly. For all those who don't like to read manuals ;-) !
In the game you can open the link with F2 in the browser.


Fixed a bug that if you died after activating the shrine in the tutorial cave, you missed the cutscene and had to run back to the cave.