Behind the Horizon

a new story begins..



The wind sounds from the thunderstorm and hailstorm are now correctly turned off when entering a cave.

In cutscenes there were some places where the speech bubbles were no longer fully readable since the font was changed. This is now fixed.

Fixed an error in the display of the "Link Spirit" spell.

The minimum speed of the player has been increased. This somewhat eases the situation when you no longer have any energy and can only move slowly.


Ingame Manual:

Added explanation for the sleep menu



Fixed bug that when planting trees (seeds + young trees), incorrect characters were displayed on the mouse pointer instead of the trees and seeds.

The ground cover on the minimap is now correctly updated in sight when there are no more plants on the field.

Fixed bug that when using the "Q" key (Quick access) on spells that do not support this activation (spells with target on the world map for example), a spell was still consumed.


Destructible walls can now be recognised more easily again


The squirrel now harvests the same amount of fruit from the trees as the player does using the ladder (i.e. even with own trees correspondingly more than with wild trees).


A small bug was fixed that when it snowed in winter in the houses, the floors were occasionally no longer displayed correctly.


Display of snow on the ground corrected in the minimap.


Switch in the wizard's cellar of the huge grotto can only be activated once!

A trap that manipulates doors can now only open them (at one point in the caves the old behaviour could lead to not being able to enter certain areas).



Removed a bug in the textures from the butterfly.


Fixed a bug where submerging lights in water could cause the game to crash if you were standing right next to them (a bug caused by the implementation of the new lighting system).